Bedsore Stages

How Are Bedsores Diagnosed?

There are four classifications of pressure injuries which indicate the severity of the ulcer. Pressure injuries are classified according to stages and each stage of a bedsore represents a greater degree of tissue and skin damage than the stage before it.

Stage One

Stage Three

The wound is open where subcutaneous fat is visible; however bone, muscle and tendon are not visible.


Unstageable bedsores are wounds with substantial skin or tissue loss, and accepted as either a Stage III or Stage IV pressure wound. The actual depth of the wound cannot be determined because a gel-like substance known as “slough” and dead tissue called “eschar” obscure the wound’s severity. 

Stage Two

Presents as an abrasion or ruptured fluid filled blister involving partial skin loss.

Stage Four

Wound is deep with full thickness tissue loss. Muscle, tendon and bone are visible.

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