As Investors Pour In, For-Profit Nursing Homes Leave Some Seniors in Need

Grace Song’s fall at the for-profit Berkley East Healthcare Center highlighted broader issues in the nursing home industry. More than 70% of U.S. nursing homes are now run for profit, often leading to neglect and lower quality care, exacerbated by complex ownership structures and private equity investments. Harvard professor David Grabowski emphasized that for-profit nursing homes have more quality problems. Despite federal efforts for transparency and new regulations, challenges persist. Families and employees report issues such as understaffing, neglected care, and financial maneuvers diverting funds from patient care.

Contributions by Ernest Tosh:

Ernest Tosh, a partner at Bedsore.Law, contributed insights on the financial and operational complexities of for-profit nursing homes, emphasizing the need for transparency and accountability to protect residents’ well-being. His expertise helps highlight the financial manipulations and systemic issues plaguing the industry, underscoring the importance of rigorous oversight and legal advocacy to ensure quality care for seniors.

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