The Hidden Costs of Neglect: Inside the Hammonton Center Scandal

At Bedsore.law, we are committed to advocating for the rights of nursing home residents who have suffered due to neglect and abuse. One recent case that highlights the urgent need for accountability in the nursing home industry is the troubling situation at the Hammonton Center for Rehabilitation and Healthcare in New Jersey.

Maria Lindsay’s family placed her in the Hammonton Center in early 2020, hoping for recovery after a hospital stay for a urinary tract infection. However, her experience was far from the care she needed. Her family observed severe neglect, including improper catheter placement, wrong antibiotics, dehydration, and ignored lab results. “You could see her decline every time we visited her,” said her daughter, Michele Abbamondi. The family filed a lawsuit against the facility and its parent company, Centers Health Care, for negligence but had to drop it due to financial constraints.

This case is not isolated. Investigations into Centers Health Care, which owns the Hammonton Center, have revealed alarming practices. Ernest Tosh, a national expert in nursing home finance, found that the Hammonton Center paid significantly higher building costs compared to other facilities. “This facility is paying more than twice and really close to three times the state average for their building, and so it’s clear from that that there is an overpayment to the related party,” Tosh explained.

The financial dealings at the Hammonton Center involved paying inflated rents to companies controlled by its owners, Daryl Hagler and Kenneth Rozenberg. These transactions were not reported as required, raising concerns of Medicaid fraud. Tosh emphasized, “They need to report that they’ve moved money from the left front pocket to the right front pocket, so we know what has happened with that money and they have not done that.”

Understaffing at the facility further endangered residents. The Hammonton Center reported staffing levels below federal recommendations, leading to inadequate patient care. Tosh pointed out, “An hour of registered nurse time (per patient per day) is what’s expected. As soon as you see this staffing pattern you know this is a for-profit facility. RNs are the most expensive labor, so they cut those to the bone and try to replace them with LPNs, but LPNs can’t do what RNs can do.”

These troubling findings underline the critical importance of transparency and accountability in nursing homes. At Bedsore.law, we are dedicated to fighting for victims of nursing home abuse and neglect. Ernest Tosh’s insights and our relentless pursuit of justice aim to ensure that facilities like the Hammonton Center are held accountable for their actions. Families trust nursing homes with their loved ones, and it is our mission to protect that trust and seek justice for those who have been wronged.

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