Bedsore Case

Bedsore.Law Recovers $1,062,500 in a Hospital Bedsore Case 

On June 29, 2017, Louis presented to Defendant’s Emergency Room for shortness of breath. He was diagnosed with acute hypoxic respiratory failure, congestive heart failure, chronic kidney disease, bradycardia, and hyperkalemia and admitted for observation. Louis was admitted free and clear from any pressure injuries. On July 29, 2017, Louis was documented with a hospital acquired unstageable pressure injury to his lower coccyx. 

On the evening of August 3, 2017, Louis was discharged from Defendant’s facility to a board and care center with the unstageable pressure injury. At no time was the pressure injury disclosed to Louis’ family or the staff at the board and care. 

Bedsore.Law Recovers $1,062,500 in a Hospital Bedsore Case

Discovery & Diagnosis

Upon discovery of the sore, the board and care staff notified Louis’ daughter of his condition, including that he had an elevated fever of 102 degrees. It was the first time the family learned about his wound. The next morning Louis was transferred to a different Hospital by private ambulance for wound care and evaluation. 

Upon admission to the emergency room, Louis was diagnosed with a Stage III pressure injury to his lower coccyx that advanced to a Stage IV.

Injury & Infection

Louis also developed infection, likely related to his coccyx injury, and succumbed to his injuries in September. Septic shock is listed as an underlying cause of death on his death certificate. 

Jeff Aidikoff litigated this case for almost five years before reaching a settlement. Over five-thousand dollars in discovery sanctions was granted during the case, after seven motions to compel and several informal discovery conferences were held. This was a difficult hospital case that had been turned down by several attorneys before Jeff decided to take it on.  

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