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  • Nursing Home Residents are Last to the Party:  How Related Party Transactions in the Nursing Home Industry Affect Resident Care

    A Comprehensive Review of Consumer Voice’s Recent Report.   The nursing home industry has faced mounting scrutiny over the years, with concerns about the quality of care provided to residents being a focal point of public attention. A recent report by the Consumer Voice for Quality Long-Term Care has revealed a potentially significant contributing factor…

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  • Advocating for the Aging with Ernest Tosh, Esq.

    RVN Television Interview with Founding Partner of Bedsore.Law RVN Television host Victoria Schall, Esq. interviews Ernest Tosh of Bedsore.Law to discuss how he and his firm are fighting for the elderly.

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  • The Grim Reality of Falls in the Nursing Home

    Falls are a leading cause of injury and death among older adults, with nursing homes being one of the most common settings for these accidents. The aging population and the increasing number of individuals residing in nursing homes make it imperative to understand the prevalence and danger of falls in these facilities. This article will…

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  • A Resident’s View: The Current State of the Nursing Home Industry in the United States

    The nursing home industry in the United States has become increasingly complex and challenging, with private equity investments, concerns about quality of care, and a range of issues related to staffing, funding, and training. As a resident or patient in a nursing home, these issues can significantly impact one’s quality of life and well-being. This…

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  • Proposed Rules on Nursing Homes a Positive for Residents and Their Families

    The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) published a proposed rule on February 15, 2023, that would set standards for the disclosure of information from nursing homes about their ownership and oversight. When finalized, the proposed rule should place greater scrutiny on nursing homes and give prospective residents, along with their families, more resources…

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  • Nursing Home Abuse Caused by Poor Management

    Bedsores, a common form of nursing home abuse, do not take long to develop, especially for a patient who cannot move because of physical limitations to a bed or a chair. If a facility does not have enough caregivers to provide basic levels of monitoring and prevention methods, the odds of a bedsore forming can…

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  • Bedsore.Law Recovers $1,062,500 in a Hospital Bedsore Case

    Los Angeles, CA Founding Partner Jeff Aidikoff settled an elder neglect and wrongful death claim due to the reckless negligence of an acute care hospital that caused his client Louis to develop a stage III/IV bedsore. The hospital failed to provide Louis with either a wound consultation or treatment before discharging him to a board and care center. Due to…

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  • Bedsore.Law Attorneys Recover $627K, Exceeding Louisiana’s Cap on Damages

    Bunkie, Louisiana Chris Roy, Jr. and Ernest Tosh settled a wrongful death claim due to the negligence of a nursing facility that ignored the pleas of Theresa, their client, after suffering a fall. Months passed before Theresa was found to have suffered neck and pubic fractures that eventually led to her untimely death. Bedsore.Law attorneys Roy…

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  • 10 Nursing Home Stats and Why They Matter

    COVID-19 dealt a huge blow to nursing homes nationwide. The good news is that after a difficult couple of years, the pandemic finally seems to be drawing to a close. But this is no time to rest. Stakeholders must now examine the current state of the industry and design measures to address both the pandemic’s…

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