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  • World Elder Abuse Awareness Day: Elder Abuse Overview (2022)

    On Elder Abuse Awareness Day, California Attorney General Rob Bonta provided Californians with tips to identify and report elder abuse. Elder Abuse is a national issue that threatens some of the most vulnerable members of our communities — according to figures by the U.S. Department of Justice, at least 10% of adults age 65 and older will be a…

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  • Protecting Nursing Home Residents Through Litigation and Legislation

    Ernest Tosh is on a mission. For the better part of the last decade, Ernest has worked around the country to educate lawmakers, lawyers, nursing home advocacy groups and ombudsman programs about the lack of transparency in the nursing home industry- and what to do about it.   Ernest has recently met with lawmakers in California,…

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  • Bedsore Prevention: Methods, Warning Signs, and Causes

    Nursing homes and other long-term care facilities may play an important role in our loved one’s quality of life as they grow old and manage serious medical conditions. Residents of these facilities are likely limited in their physical abilities, which can mean prolonged periods in a bed or wheelchair, thereby creating a risk of developing…

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  • COVID Staffing Issues Cause a 31% Jump in Bedsore Cases

    Here is a sobering statistic: As of March 20, 2022, a total of 151,726 nursing home residents across the U.S. had died with COVID-19. The grim count does not end here. This figure does not factor in excess non-COVID deaths attributable to the wider effects of the pandemic. According to provisional CDC data, there were…

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  • ESTHER’S LAW- Are cameras the answer to combating nursing home abuse? 

    Ohio nursing home residents and their families can now request that a camera be placed in their room. The law requires that long-term care facilities allow residents, their guardian, or their attorney to install a monitoring device (audio or video) in a patient’s room.  Residents or guardians are responsible for paying their own monitoring devices under the law.  Facilities are…

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  • Proposed Florida Legislation Will Only Make Nursing Home Care Worse

    The Florida legislature just approved two new bills affecting the operation and regulation of nursing homes in the state- the state’s upcoming fiscal budget and HB 1239.  Florida’s $112 billion state budget for the 2022-2023 fiscal year was approved Monday. Lawmakers included a 7.8% increase in Medicaid funding for nursing homes. That amounts to an…

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  • President Biden Announces Steps to Improve Nursing Home Care

    President Biden announced new steps by the Department of Health & Human Services (HHS) through its Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS), to improve the quality and safety of nursing homes to protect vulnerable residents and to crack down on bad actors, during his State of the Union address last week.  Prior to the…

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  • Nursing Residents Die from Bedsores During Pandemic

    Recent reports show elderly residents died from bedsores due to neglect and improper care during the Covid-19 pandemic. This is a common complaint stemming from the pandemic and raises issues regarding how prepared nursing homes were to deal with an infection outbreak- of any type. We have evaluated numerous bedsore cases that occurred during the…

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  • Founding Partner Ernest Tosh Featured in Vice News Investigation

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