Bedsore Case

Bedsore.Law Settles Bedsore Case for 1.7m

SANTA CLARA, CA – In January 2023, our 78-year-old client presented to a nursing facility after suffering a hip fracture from a fall at home.  After a short residency, he developed a Stage 2/3 bedsore and was transferred to a hospital for treatment.  

Our client then entered a second nursing facility, where his treatable bedsore developed into an infected Stage 4 wound with bone exposure.  After months of treatment in subsequent facilities, multiple debridement surgeries and two skin flap surgeries, our client’s bedsore finally healed.  

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During litigation, Bedsore.Law found that the facilities failed to implement a reposition and turning programs, failed to follow their own policies and procedures and failed to follow state and federal regulations.  


Our attorneys achieved this result in less than a year from filing the lawsuit.  “This settlement will not take away the pain and suffering our client endured, but it will provide him and his wife closure and relatively quick compensation during a difficult recovery period,”  Jeff Aidikoff, Managing Partner of Bedsore.Law.

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